Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Sun room and I

Ok, so our new house has a pretty nice size "sun room" in the back which I would like to make a little Yoga space for myself to practice and when I have mini classes of my own I can squeeze a small class in here.
I would like to paint this room but haven't found the right inspiration yet.  I need little statues, a few paintings, curtains, let's just say there is a lot to be done in here.  there is a ton of cabinet space that I use for all of my wonderful stamping items so when i'm feeling crafty this space can be used for that as well.
Lately I have been sitting in a fold out chair right in front of the sliding door that's in the room since it looks out to our back yard where I get to stare at the green backdrop filled with trees as well as my herb/fruit garden that is starting to pick up and bloom!! It's pretty exciting when you plant seeds or a mini plant and you can see it's progress every day.  I have tomato plants growing in an area like weeds!  I didn't even plant those things yet they keep popping out everywhere.  Same thing with cantaloupe!! There are 5 different cantaloupe plant's growing in our back yard that were not there when we moved in a few weeks ago and now these little bad boys are getting HUGE! Anyway... back to the sun room (where I am sitting right now and looking at different little birds hang out on the grass) since I have been hanging out here a little more in this fold our chair that I used to think was SUPER comfortable is actually becoming a little uncomfortable.  I saw someones blog and I can't remember whos!! where someone made a little seating area with a pallet of wood.  I'm trying to remember where I saw it since it was such an awesome Idea and would love to make one for my Yoga area...
This is similar to what i'm looking for maybe a little lower to the ground
I saw this when I was searching and thought it was adorable.  If my couch is a success I will make this for the Coop!

 If anyone has any decor ideas, curtain ideas, (there are 4 windows and a sliding door) color ideas, home made item ideas please shoot them my way I would love to try different things to decorate our little space of peace. ♥ 


Monday, April 16, 2012

Give Away from Towel Mate!

We can all use one of these super cute, convenient, ALL in one Towels!
If you would like one for FREE keep scrolling friends for ways to win! Trust me you will fall in love with this!

p.s. did I mention that you get handle bar covers as well?! 
Check out their site as well.  They have a bunch of neat items and have more to come! Can't wait until they get their YOGA towels!!♥


Yoga in Pasadena

So I have been going to  a Yoga studio in Pasadena called Yoga XYZ (Had to take off the name for some reason...).  It's a pretty nice studio, VERY large, a little plain, I haven't seen any cool Art in there or any Buddha head's so that's a little bit so it's not what im usually used to. Change is good, these are the times when you should be a little open minded I guess.
 I want to have the WHOLE experience when I go into a yoga studio.  The hippie like receptionist, the super soothing voice of the Instructor, the slightly heated room, a candle here and there, the smell of incense, the stillness that you feel from others when you walk into the "Quiet" of the room  OMG! There are so many things that make up MY perfect Yoga studio.
 I think one of the studio's that always stands out  is this really cool studio in Good Ol Chula Vista,  This studio is so AMAZING! The instructors are awesome!  I remember being in their classes and thinking..  "Ah!  I wish I could do what they do, teach what they teach"  Yes! Yoga Center Chula Vista... I will tell you guys more about this fab studio in a few days...

 So yes, Yoga XYZ.  It's nice... BUT it didn't have what I usually look for in a Yoga studio.  Everyone is different though therefore we all need different things.  Don't get me wrong the space is a wonderful space and the instructors were all very talented and genuine, but it just wasn't my Yoga "home".  Exploring new studios is something we should always do to keep things nice and refreshing, so to be honest I may check out the big yoga space a few more times :)  Yoga is good no matter where you are, who you are with or what the teacher is yelling out... that's why we listen to our bodies right?


Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Lucky dog!

Cooper is very lucky for a few different reasons. Let’s start by saying that we could have lived in a super cool and hip place here in L.A. if he was less than 25lbs. or we could have also sent him to the pound. (Kidding) He has a pretty nice size house to get lost in, a huge front lawn that has super soft grass. (He ate a little bit of it this morning and threw up all over the place but that’s ok) he has nice shady trees to lay under when he feels a little warm.  A back yard with lots of refreshing soil to lounge in when he gets a little fed up of the front lawn. (Cooper loved laying in wet dirt/mud/puddles)

This is him. As you can see is is getting a little old.  You can tell by the white hair he has around his mouth and over his eyes  

Have I mentioned his new best friend?! I actually really think this dog likes cooper too!! Her name is Lucky.

Cooper and Lucky hanging out on the front lawn.♥

  Lucky is a 3month old Labrador/German Sheppard mix that is as crazy as cooper was when he was a puppy.  Usually cooper doesn’t really care about other dogs too much since he is such a people kinda dog. He will sniff them then come back to us usually.  This time it’s different. He runs around, plays and won’t really listen to me when I call him to come in the house! I’m such a proud mom!

 These past couple of days Cooper has been a little quiet.  Lucky had a vet appointment and will not be available to play for another week or so.  I'm sure when they see each other it will be quite the event for them.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

New House, New Projects!

I took a trip to Home Depot and found myself wandering the gardening aisles.  It must have been all the pretty trees in our neighborhood or the rich soil the neighbor keeps talking about that made me want to perhaps try to grow something.  I started off thinking maybe I could grow basil and thyme, but when I got the the herbs section I couldn’t help myself!  I got a la few different things. Serrano pepper , Jalapeno, Roma tomato, Thyme, a few Marigolds, and ….. Watermelon seeds!  I’m really looking forward to 84 weeks from now when I’m going to supposedly be able to harvest my watermelon. 
I wanted to buy so many more herbs but I remembered my neighbor said she was going to give me a blueberry, cucumber, melon, and basil! Wowie!  I wonder if this is all really going to work out.  May I add that we already have a peach tree that I just discovered and a fig tree in our back yard!  Who needs Whole Foods!! O yes, worms are now my best friends! I dug one up by accident and instead of my usual "eeww" remarks I said "Hello little worm, be good to my flowers" and put him right back.

                I may have to invade this secret open space behind my house to plant more flowers!

I’m starting to think I should add a link to my blog that has to do with “L.A. living for the Lam’s” (This is my future last name by the way.  It will be so much easier when I fill out paperwork etc. J


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Town

So I was pretty darn sad my last week in San Diego, some would even say I appeared to be a little depressed.  Phil was pretty bummed as well but I didn’t really see just how sad he was until the night before our big move to the BIG city, L.A.  
I know most people think L.A. traffic, Hollywood, glamour, stars, the hood, Compton, pretty much a crazy, busy place.  I have to admit I hated the idea of moving to L.A.  (sorry L.A. lovers) I always said I hated it here!  Now that I am here and it’s just our second day in, I think I kinda love it.
We live in a pretty little house in Altadena (a couple miles north of Pasadena) We have a huge front lawn and back yard (that our dog Cooper is in love with)! 

We have super friendly neighbors, its quiet!!
We have peace in our neighborhood, but if we want a little action we can just drive less than 3 miles south to our new favorite street “Colorado Blvd”.  They have every store you can possibly want, yes, even Anthropologie has a store nearby.  
There are a TON of places to eat and they all seem awesome! Places to watch sports (thinking of my Phil) places to have crafted adult beverages, banks, Discotecas! (clubs) They even have a few fried chicken places, which I know Phil is super excited about.  He mentioned last night that he would never have VONS (pavilion here in L.A.) fried chicken.
We will always have a little bit of Brighton court Road in our hearts , but I have to admit that we are a little in love with our new city.  We miss you all San Diego friends and family but now we can have pretty cool BBQ's in our back yard while we enjoy margarita's! Come visit!!!

A little bit of Brighton court came with us......   meet the new addition to our yard..  "Brighton"