About Me

Hi! I'm Tannia. I was born and raised in beautiful sunny San Diego. Im engaged to a wonderful wonderful man and we have a big chocolate lab named cooper that will do anything for treats. There are so many things that I am grateful for in my life and look at everything as a learning experience. I try to always see the positive in things. I'm a pretty girly girl but I don't mind wind messing up my hair or getting a little dirty. I love being around family, friends and meeting new people. I like to spend my free time doing productive things at home, (yes im the crazy cleaning lady sometimes)building up a nice sweat by practicing yoga, running, or hanging at the gym. I'm a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor and hope to open my very own little studio in the future. With the right mind set and dedication im sure I will make it possible. I would love to be able to share the magnificent gift of yoga with the people and community around me, and hey maybe even more! I believe two major keys in life are Love and Patience.


  1. Hi Tannia! I just found your sweet blog today~love the title. I am your newest follower~hope you have a minute to return the visit! Enjoy your day~Angie

  2. Ahh... with your Chocolate Lab and My Black and Yellow Labs our collection would be complete. I love the name Cooper btw.


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