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So I have been going to  a Yoga studio in Pasadena called Yoga XYZ (Had to take off the name for some reason...).  It's a pretty nice studio, VERY large, a little plain, I haven't seen any cool Art in there or any Buddha head's so that's a little bit so it's not what im usually used to. Change is good, these are the times when you should be a little open minded I guess.
 I want to have the WHOLE experience when I go into a yoga studio.  The hippie like receptionist, the super soothing voice of the Instructor, the slightly heated room, a candle here and there, the smell of incense, the stillness that you feel from others when you walk into the "Quiet" of the room  OMG! There are so many things that make up MY perfect Yoga studio.
 I think one of the studio's that always stands out  is this really cool studio in Good Ol Chula Vista,  This studio is so AMAZING! The instructors are awesome!  I remember being in their classes and thinking..  "Ah!  I wish I could do what they do, teach what they teach"  Yes! Yoga Center Chula Vista... I will tell you guys more about this fab studio in a few days...

 So yes, Yoga XYZ.  It's nice... BUT it didn't have what I usually look for in a Yoga studio.  Everyone is different though therefore we all need different things.  Don't get me wrong the space is a wonderful space and the instructors were all very talented and genuine, but it just wasn't my Yoga "home".  Exploring new studios is something we should always do to keep things nice and refreshing, so to be honest I may check out the big yoga space a few more times :)  Yoga is good no matter where you are, who you are with or what the teacher is yelling out... that's why we listen to our bodies right?


One way to help you de- stress, un- wind, take the edge off during your day no matter what is going on or where you are, is closing your eyes, taking a nice big inhale through your nose hold it for 3 seconds and slowly exhale through your nose as well. Repeat a few times and you will see how much peace and clarity this simple breathing technique will bring you.  That being said the Breath is O so powerful in your yoga practice.  Pranayama, the yogic practice of regulating and channeling one's breath, can provide a bridge between the individual self and the universal soul.  Imagine that! Reaching your SOUL simply my learning to control your breathing, letting go, freeing your mind.  
 But for those of you who are not trying to reach your soul this way just quite yet, it may save you a ton of finger flying in traffic, face burning from frustration when someone cuts you off, moving side to side and looking all around during a long starbucks line. So next time you need a little extra patience, clarity, or just want a little extra warm fuzzies,  take a nice big Breath in and release with control.  


Why Yoga?

Many years ago I was at a time in my life when I needed something new, something fresh, something that would help me see things a little more clearly.  Yoga was fairly new to a lot of people that I knew so I thought I would check it out and see what it was all about.
I came across a Bikram Yoga studio in Mira Mesa.  Cost: $10 for a week, so I thought "hey what do I have to loose".  I signed up walked into the heated room after reading a long list of rules. I wanted to walk out immediately.  It was like an oven in there and it didn't help that it was the middle of summer, I was wearing 3 layers of tops and long thick work out pants.  I lost 2 layers of tops sat down and tried to focus on my breath.  I was used to this since I used to panic a little in stuffy places, crowded places... what do you call it? Claustrophobia.
The instructor walked in a couple minutes later in ity bity shorts and I thought what the heck did I just get myself into. Sure thing, about 5 minutes in all I could think about was walking out of the class and why the hell anyone would pay money to be in a horrible, horrible situation like this where you are stretching in ways you have never stretched before, the person beside you is flicking their sweat on you, the class reeks of old sweat, the teacher is yelling to push harder and hold a posture for an extensive period of time, and you think there is no way in hell I can go any further leave me alone you F_ _ _ing B_ _ _ _!!  All I was trying to do was survive the next 45min or so.
 Then the end came. Sweet, sweet SAVASANA.  This is why people pay money for Yoga.  A sneak peek of all the wonderful things you have inside, a peek of the real you, PEACE, BLISS.
I fell in love with that un-explainable feeling.

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