Thursday, July 19, 2012

Solution..... YOGA

Are you feeling super stressed out and don't know what to do?  Yoga
Are you trying to reach that special place spiritually? Yoga
Are your muscles super tight and you need a little stretch in your life? Yoga
Do you feel like you just need to Detox and get all the ickies out?  Yoga
Do you want to find a special, place that's just your own where you can let go of all thoughts? Yoga
Would you like to get a different kind of work out because you need to mix it up a bit? Yoga
Do you need a little boost in the.... well... in your personal time? Yoga
Are you feeling a little sad and need a little pick me up? Yoga
Do you need to loose a little extra weight? Yoga
Are you feeling pain in ANY part of your body? Yoga
Do you need help focusing on what's really going on in the present? Yoga
Are you trying to find peace within yourself? Yoga
Need a little more flexibility? Yoga
Are you trying to have a longer, better work out but your lungs just wont let you control your breath? Yoga!
Are you restless and can't get enough sleep at night? Yoga
Are you confused, and need to find a little clarity in your life? Yoga
Do you go a little crazy every month when that time comes around girls? Yoga
Have almost ANY kind of illness? Yoga
Do you need a little help being more disciplined? Yoga

 There are SO many more reason's you should practice Yoga.  It helps you in so many different ways it really is magical. I try to tell people all the time why, or how yoga is good for you but really, every one is different, every body is different and needs different things, but one thing is for sure Yoga will benifit anyone and everyone one way or another.  So... If you haven't already I really encourage you to give a class a shot and see for yourself the true wonders that this beautiful art form can bring you.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sushi Roku Obsession

So, Mr. Lam took me out for a little romantic dinner date a few weeks ago to a little sushi spot in Old Town Pasadena called Sushi Roku, well first I guess I shouldn't have said little since it's actually the  largest sushi restaurant I have ever been to. 
We first went to this trendy, busy spot on at Friday.  Since our fab. first date there we have been there three more times.  Yes, 3 times. Guess What?! We are going there again tomorrow for date night.
Do you think that's a little excessive?  
I normally would but since they have the best Margaritas I have had so far since moving to L.A. i'm going to say I have been there just about the right amount of times. 
 I actually wouldn't mind hanging out at this cool spot a few times every single week. 
The first time we went I think my favorite dish was this tasty looking item.
Tuna tacos, the shell was a fried little flour tortilla kind of thing which was pretty tasty.  The little thing of salsa and a tiny bit of lemon juice did the trick for me though.

Tuna Taco's Sushi Roku

Like I said Margaritas at this place are the BEST I have had in L.A. so far!

I forgot what this roll was called but it was AMAZING!

Our Sushi Chef's Special made just for us.

Yes, the roll's we ordered were already a little spicey, but well, If you know me you know that I have a VERY high tolerance level for Spicy food ♥ So Chef made me a Jalapeno, Habanero mix just for me ♥

I'm very excited to find out what we will have next at this Super Delish place! 
 We will find out tomorrow!
My friend told me today that it's a good idea to go to different places as much as possible to see what's out there, 
but why go out and look for something that MAY be good when you already have something that is so darn perfect ;)

Ah.... Food, Margaritas... but What about...

Well, I hurt my leg a while running early last week, nothing major but I was in some pain,
 so I am lacking some major Yoga Love!
I'm all better tho! 
Work has been SUPER Nut's as well... 
I neglected my sacred space a little this week, but .. NO MORE!  Here I come Yoga Kingdom!

P.S. Super excited about an upcoming post, and Yoga related stuff.... You will Love it so stay tuned!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Lauren♥

Ok, so not to long ago I came across this super fun and cute blog, Pink on the Cheek, I mean come on how adorable is that blog name?!
 It get's even better though, Lauren is super cute, a little fashionista, and her blog is one of my new faves! You must check it out for yourself♥  Introducing... Lauren!

Hello lovely readers!
I am Lauren from Pink on the Cheek, or POTC for short. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup must-haves for the summer months!
It's important to find items that are quick and easy to apply and won't sweat off your face. These items below will last you all summer and having you look fresh for any occasion!

 First off:
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

This cream is a 5 in 1 secret. 
It is a moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, and even has SPF 35. 
This is my go to item on my days off from work when I need some quick cover up.

The next item is a bright lipstick.

I am wearing Electric Pink by Smashbox.
I have good luck with matte lipsticks. When you find a great one like Smashbox, it just glides on easy and just sticks. No smudges, no check ups during the day, you are good to go!

Next is a great lotion.You are going to be wearing shorts and skirts most of the summer.
With shaving your legs constantly, you want to keep them smooth but not have that sweaty feeling.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I am in love with this lotion because it goes on quickly and it not sticky.
You feel moisturized the whole day PLUS  it smells great!

So those are my summer must haves. You shouldn't be doing too much makeup while you are in the sun because the most important thing to wear is sunscreen!
Plus having lots of makeup sweat off your face is not a good look.

I hope you stop by my blog after reading this, I would love to have you!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gotta Make time!

So, I have been SUPER busy lately, mainly because I have been stuck in L.A. traffic for hours a day.  You know no matter how very patient you are it still really cuts back on your regular daily activities.  Good news is that I totally love my new job.  I work for an awesome plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.  
Everytime I think about Beverly Hills I think about good ol 90210, if you don't know what the heck i'm talking about you may be to young to be reading my blog... kidding. :)
 90210 was a show that was super cool when I was younger, only that my parent's didn't let me watch it.  I had to sneak around to get little previews of it or go to my friends house to watch a recorded episode.  
 I never knew exactly what was going on with the show, the only thing I really knew was that there were two super hot guys in the show, Dillan and Brandon.  ah.... Dream boats.
So yes, life has been pretty wild so I haven't really had time to even think about my blog.  I'm going to try my very best not to neglect you any longer blog.. even if I can only write a little blurb, I promise.. I will be a better owner.   Until then here are a few pictures to describe what I have been up to...
Trying Margaritas...

Roscos Chicken Waffles...

Nephew Playing the drums..

Taco Fix in San Diego..

First Casino Buffet experience..

More margaritas....

CASINO food!

Self Portrait...

Spotting celebs in L.A.

Garden is on its way...

an almost dead plant I brought to life...

Speed on the freeway...

Some Sushi Roku to top off the end of a beautiful week!