You Win Margarita.

Yesterday I was thinking and started to feel a little guilty about being SO into Yoga the whole practice of it, what you are supposed to achieve through it, being pure at heart, soul and in your body.  
The reason why I started to feel guilty was because I enjoy Margaritas SO very much.  Is it bad to LOVE margaritas and yoga? I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion that NO! It is not bad to LOVE both.  The more love for different things the better! Besides the O mighty one just wants you to be at peace within.  Margaritas bring me a little peace and a little smile. 
 Also, I know quite a few Yoga teachers that not only are they spectacular instructors but they enjoy little "not so healthy" items and a few work at bars.
 There is also thing called "Vino and Vinyassa" that I have seen a few studios offer here and there.  Student's practice yoga for a good hour and after the class everyone sits around and enjoys a few glasses of wine.  So, I think it's safe to keep Loving both don't cha think?  
I think my students would be OK with it as long as I don't ever show up a little intoxicated to a class.  hahaha!

 Can anyone say "Yoga & Margaritas"?  What a night that would be at a studio!


This weekend we decided to visit one of our old favorite Mexican Seafood Restaurant  in Chula Vista.  If you are a Marisco's kinda person, you have to check this place out!  Food is great, drinks are great,  if you are a guy you are sure to enjoy the waitress's outfits.  Weekends they usually have Mariachi playing as well, but for some reason we didn't get to enjoy the music of the Mariachi playing while we were enjoying our Marisco's and drink's, perhaps next time.  So the exciting thing about this place is that they are soon opening one up here in Eastlake! I'm so very excited since the location will be about 2 miles away!! I can Imagine sitting out on the patio, sun shinning on my face, eating ceviche, and enjoying a nice cold Margarita.  Ahh... Can't wait for summer time!
Karina's Margaritas are FABULOUS!  I'm sure that their secret to the perfect sweet and sour taste is that they make their own mix.  I can tell they add natural sugar, they make it to perfection. I usually order a shot of my favorite tequila to have after a margarita when I eat marisco's but this time the margarita's were so very delish that's all I wanted to have.
I should try to find their recipe.  If I get it I will be sure to let you guys know.
If you visit Karina's be sure to order the "Perfect Margarita".  It is perfect!   


Today is National Margarita day! 

I got a few messages from different people asking me if I was going to be having some margaritas tonight since it is a very important day.
I was debating over going to a bar down the road from our house that has pretty excellent margaritas or making one here at home.  Since I had a pretty busy day I went straight to Trader Joe's after work  to pick out a tequila for the beverage I may be making at home later.  I stood in front of the bottles for about 5minutes  wondering which one I should pick, and well if you are standing there, staring at bottles of tequila for that long at a place like Trader Joe's people may start thinking you have a drinking problem, so I decided not to get anything and instead go to a bar after I taught my 7:00pm Yoga class in National City.
By the time my class ended I was pretty beat from my long day at work and my pretty intense Yoga class so when I got home I really wasn't feeling it.  I told my Phil (my fiance) that I was going to go to the bar for a quick drink..  He looked at me funny and asked why.  I told him it was National Margarita Day and that I felt like I should to celebrate.  It was about 9:30p.m. when I was thinking abut going to the bar and by then it would be closed... Yes, this place I wanted to go to closes the bar at 9:00pm.
I was pretty determined to celebrate this VERY Special day so I took a trip to Vons with my good pal Cooper, the chocolate Lab.
 I picked up a few items that I needed for my recipe and well... here I am, about 10:00pm and just took my first sip.  This is dedication my friends, to something that you love.  ♥  haha!


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