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So I am not only a Yoga fan, I am also a gym fan.  I think I would fall into the "gym rat" category.  Don't get me wrong friend's I LOVE yoga, Love, Love, Love.  I actually first started going to the gym after having practiced yoga for about 2 years and decided I wanted to loose a little extra weight, build more muscle, and gain more endurance.  I haven't stopped since.  Wow... how time goes by.
ANYWAY, I started off with 24 hour fitness which I thought was a pretty cool gym, depending on what location you go to.  Some facilities can be... well.. not so inviting.  I am now a member at L.A. Fitness in Eastlake and well, if you haven't been there yet, it's actually a very nice gym with new machines, people that are really into working out, looking good etc.  I think I am a different kind of gym person though.  I don't enjoy making friends at the gym, running into people I know, or making eye contact with anyone.  I am totally not anti social I just like to go to the gym and enjoy my sweet time with the cardio and weight machines.  I don't want to share this limited time I have every time I go on chit chatting.  I figure If I want to talk to someone I can call, email, text, visit, or go out with them.  Am I totally weird?  Don't think i'm totally evil, I have run into people I know there a few times and if they initiate conversation I will talk and polite, but it's not a favorite thing of mine to do.
OK, the reason why I am writing about the gym is to see what kind of gym person you are.  Are you the kind of gym person that has to go with someone to keep you entertained?  Do you socialize while you are trying to get your heart beat up during your cardio?  Do you go into the ladies locker room often during your work out to check your hair and makeup?  Do you go to meet fellow gym go-ers and perhaps score a date? Or are you kind of a nut like me and like to be the sweatiest girl in the facility, don't care about how you look because you are there to kick booty not impress anyone (except your neighbor on the treadmill next to you that you are trying to out run) and even bring a change of clothes because you don't want to leave a trail of sweat where ever you go?
 The best is, getting in a nice long run (at least what I think is long) and finishing up my work out with a Yoga mini session...  ahh.....  so relaxing... such a nice treat for your kick butt work out at the gym... YOGA.

30 and Feeling good...

Phil (my fiance) and I decided to have my 30th birthday bash at Vin De Syrah in Downtown San Diego.  It was recommended to me by my very cute and bubbly friend Jackie.  When she mentioned this place to me I immediately knew that it was going to be a really neat place since she has the same taste in many things as I do.
I looked this place up and thought it was PERFECT!  If you guy's have not been yet, I strongly recommend it.  It's actually a wine parlor but they have a full bar and Dj's on weekend nights. Decorations are awesome.  It's like you went down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.  Check it out! It was a blast! Thanks to my wonderful Phil that put it together for all of us to enjoy.
These pretty girls are Jackie (in the turquoise dress) and Wendy.  They had all the cool dance moves going on this night on the dance floor.
                                                            My Fiance Phil and I.

As you can tell, I decided not to go with the gold sequence dress from Arden B.  I tried a few on from good "ol" Nordstom but they just didn't feel right and I didn't really have time to go to Arden B. in downtown, So... I went this this sparkly Black dress by one of my favorite famous people "Jessica Simpson" to be honest I don't usually shop Jessica Simpson items even though I really like her.  It's not really my style.  Since it was my 30th I decided to make an exception this one time.

   So, I am 30. It's not bad at all.  In fact I feel exactly the same just like people said I would.  The only difference is that I have been practicing some cool new yoga moves since last Thursday.  It's a lot more complicated to get into scorpion pose than what I expected even with the assistance of my lovely wall.  
                                                    this is what scorpion pose is supposed to loos like.  Do I look like this?  NO.  I think i'm stuck in Dolphin pose for a while.. I can get one leg up but then stir up a little fear and come back down.  Ill update you guys in two weeks by posting a picture of myself attempting it.  You guys can be my witnesses of my progress.  Every month I'm going to pick a new pose to throw into my mix of practice.  One that I am afraid of but want to face and perfect.  Yes.  This is me at my 30's.  I'm ready for more challenges of life!
 Bring it Yoga! Bring it 30!

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