Sunday, April 8, 2012

New House, New Projects!

I took a trip to Home Depot and found myself wandering the gardening aisles.  It must have been all the pretty trees in our neighborhood or the rich soil the neighbor keeps talking about that made me want to perhaps try to grow something.  I started off thinking maybe I could grow basil and thyme, but when I got the the herbs section I couldn’t help myself!  I got a la few different things. Serrano pepper , Jalapeno, Roma tomato, Thyme, a few Marigolds, and ….. Watermelon seeds!  I’m really looking forward to 84 weeks from now when I’m going to supposedly be able to harvest my watermelon. 
I wanted to buy so many more herbs but I remembered my neighbor said she was going to give me a blueberry, cucumber, melon, and basil! Wowie!  I wonder if this is all really going to work out.  May I add that we already have a peach tree that I just discovered and a fig tree in our back yard!  Who needs Whole Foods!! O yes, worms are now my best friends! I dug one up by accident and instead of my usual "eeww" remarks I said "Hello little worm, be good to my flowers" and put him right back.

                I may have to invade this secret open space behind my house to plant more flowers!

I’m starting to think I should add a link to my blog that has to do with “L.A. living for the Lam’s” (This is my future last name by the way.  It will be so much easier when I fill out paperwork etc. J



  1. Ah, you're making me look terrible :) I have yet to plant anything! I better get going, it all looks so great in your garden.

  2. :) Janneke.. it's actually pretty nice to plant little things. I can see some things starting to sprout already! Since then I have planed a few more things ill post some pix. later. :)
    @ Gastronomer Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin! ♥♥

  3. How pretty! I've always wanted my own garden! We just planted some flowers though so I don't know how I'm going to be able to have any room for a garden! -Jessica


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