Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Town

So I was pretty darn sad my last week in San Diego, some would even say I appeared to be a little depressed.  Phil was pretty bummed as well but I didn’t really see just how sad he was until the night before our big move to the BIG city, L.A.  
I know most people think L.A. traffic, Hollywood, glamour, stars, the hood, Compton, pretty much a crazy, busy place.  I have to admit I hated the idea of moving to L.A.  (sorry L.A. lovers) I always said I hated it here!  Now that I am here and it’s just our second day in, I think I kinda love it.
We live in a pretty little house in Altadena (a couple miles north of Pasadena) We have a huge front lawn and back yard (that our dog Cooper is in love with)! 

We have super friendly neighbors, its quiet!!
We have peace in our neighborhood, but if we want a little action we can just drive less than 3 miles south to our new favorite street “Colorado Blvd”.  They have every store you can possibly want, yes, even Anthropologie has a store nearby.  
There are a TON of places to eat and they all seem awesome! Places to watch sports (thinking of my Phil) places to have crafted adult beverages, banks, Discotecas! (clubs) They even have a few fried chicken places, which I know Phil is super excited about.  He mentioned last night that he would never have VONS (pavilion here in L.A.) fried chicken.
We will always have a little bit of Brighton court Road in our hearts , but I have to admit that we are a little in love with our new city.  We miss you all San Diego friends and family but now we can have pretty cool BBQ's in our back yard while we enjoy margarita's! Come visit!!!

A little bit of Brighton court came with us......   meet the new addition to our yard..  "Brighton"



  1. okay.. we are coming to visit so we all can go to the huntington library.. then eat at green earth vegan after! those are the only things i know of in pasadena.. (but i went to school in pomona!)

  2. glad to know the move went smoothly and that you are loving LA!

  3. Thanks girls! Ash you can come anytime you want!! Mi casa es tu casa!!! So sad I missed the paint and wine event.. life has been nutty but starting to settle down a bit. :)


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