Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Sun room and I

Ok, so our new house has a pretty nice size "sun room" in the back which I would like to make a little Yoga space for myself to practice and when I have mini classes of my own I can squeeze a small class in here.
I would like to paint this room but haven't found the right inspiration yet.  I need little statues, a few paintings, curtains, let's just say there is a lot to be done in here.  there is a ton of cabinet space that I use for all of my wonderful stamping items so when i'm feeling crafty this space can be used for that as well.
Lately I have been sitting in a fold out chair right in front of the sliding door that's in the room since it looks out to our back yard where I get to stare at the green backdrop filled with trees as well as my herb/fruit garden that is starting to pick up and bloom!! It's pretty exciting when you plant seeds or a mini plant and you can see it's progress every day.  I have tomato plants growing in an area like weeds!  I didn't even plant those things yet they keep popping out everywhere.  Same thing with cantaloupe!! There are 5 different cantaloupe plant's growing in our back yard that were not there when we moved in a few weeks ago and now these little bad boys are getting HUGE! Anyway... back to the sun room (where I am sitting right now and looking at different little birds hang out on the grass) since I have been hanging out here a little more in this fold our chair that I used to think was SUPER comfortable is actually becoming a little uncomfortable.  I saw someones blog and I can't remember whos!! where someone made a little seating area with a pallet of wood.  I'm trying to remember where I saw it since it was such an awesome Idea and would love to make one for my Yoga area...
This is similar to what i'm looking for maybe a little lower to the ground
I saw this when I was searching and thought it was adorable.  If my couch is a success I will make this for the Coop!

 If anyone has any decor ideas, curtain ideas, (there are 4 windows and a sliding door) color ideas, home made item ideas please shoot them my way I would love to try different things to decorate our little space of peace. ♥ 



  1. omg i want that for my dog!! so freaking cute!

  2. That dog bed is adorable. I dream of having my own practice space in my home one day. (That's not just my living room floor...)

    New follower! I found you through Lauren's blog. I'm also a SoCal yogini! Stop by and say hi sometime!


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