Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Lucky dog!

Cooper is very lucky for a few different reasons. Let’s start by saying that we could have lived in a super cool and hip place here in L.A. if he was less than 25lbs. or we could have also sent him to the pound. (Kidding) He has a pretty nice size house to get lost in, a huge front lawn that has super soft grass. (He ate a little bit of it this morning and threw up all over the place but that’s ok) he has nice shady trees to lay under when he feels a little warm.  A back yard with lots of refreshing soil to lounge in when he gets a little fed up of the front lawn. (Cooper loved laying in wet dirt/mud/puddles)

This is him. As you can see is is getting a little old.  You can tell by the white hair he has around his mouth and over his eyes  

Have I mentioned his new best friend?! I actually really think this dog likes cooper too!! Her name is Lucky.

Cooper and Lucky hanging out on the front lawn.♥

  Lucky is a 3month old Labrador/German Sheppard mix that is as crazy as cooper was when he was a puppy.  Usually cooper doesn’t really care about other dogs too much since he is such a people kinda dog. He will sniff them then come back to us usually.  This time it’s different. He runs around, plays and won’t really listen to me when I call him to come in the house! I’m such a proud mom!

 These past couple of days Cooper has been a little quiet.  Lucky had a vet appointment and will not be available to play for another week or so.  I'm sure when they see each other it will be quite the event for them.



  1. oh his face is too precious!! i want him to give me big sloppy old man dog kisses (: seriously... dogs are the best- and i bet he is BEYOND STOKED for that lawn (:

    and his new little lady lover.. hehe that old dawg... (:

  2. he is so cute!!!! your blog is adorable, i was reading your about me and literally you sound like me! new follower!

    xo Kelly


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