Monday, April 16, 2012

Yoga in Pasadena

So I have been going to  a Yoga studio in Pasadena called Yoga XYZ (Had to take off the name for some reason...).  It's a pretty nice studio, VERY large, a little plain, I haven't seen any cool Art in there or any Buddha head's so that's a little bit so it's not what im usually used to. Change is good, these are the times when you should be a little open minded I guess.
 I want to have the WHOLE experience when I go into a yoga studio.  The hippie like receptionist, the super soothing voice of the Instructor, the slightly heated room, a candle here and there, the smell of incense, the stillness that you feel from others when you walk into the "Quiet" of the room  OMG! There are so many things that make up MY perfect Yoga studio.
 I think one of the studio's that always stands out  is this really cool studio in Good Ol Chula Vista,  This studio is so AMAZING! The instructors are awesome!  I remember being in their classes and thinking..  "Ah!  I wish I could do what they do, teach what they teach"  Yes! Yoga Center Chula Vista... I will tell you guys more about this fab studio in a few days...

 So yes, Yoga XYZ.  It's nice... BUT it didn't have what I usually look for in a Yoga studio.  Everyone is different though therefore we all need different things.  Don't get me wrong the space is a wonderful space and the instructors were all very talented and genuine, but it just wasn't my Yoga "home".  Exploring new studios is something we should always do to keep things nice and refreshing, so to be honest I may check out the big yoga space a few more times :)  Yoga is good no matter where you are, who you are with or what the teacher is yelling out... that's why we listen to our bodies right?



  1. oooh i want to check out that studio! i go to the covina one or the claremont one, where in pasadena is it exactly?

  2. This made me Lol for real, because I am the opposite. I want the stretches plain and simple. I don't mind all the other stuff but sometimes I think some yoga people take it to the extreme and it doesn't even seem genuine at that point, do you know what I mean? I love learning from different instructors too because depending on your instructor the experience is completely different.


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