Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yoga y Margaritas

Yoga & Margaritas

I dragged my sister in Law to one of my Yoga classes last week.  She claimed to be tired from the run she had earlier that day, but when I mentioned to her that she would feel less tension in her muscles, would have a better night sleep, and would get a Margarita after her hour of Yoga she immediately agreed to come with.
I think it was capping the night off with a Margarita that may have convinced her.
I had a pretty nice turn out at the studio.  I was subbing for a teacher that went out of town, so it wasn't my usual class.  I didn't know how to work the music right away, well actually it was not working properly so it really wasn't my fault.  My class was waiting for me for about 4 minutes, which when you are just sitting on your mat quietly and just looking around it seems more like 20 minutes.  I was a little worried, but turns out my students liked me a lot better than the regular teacher.  Ouch.  Should I tell her?  Maybe not.   My response was all teachers have different styles you just have to find what it right for you.
What do you say when someone says that to you?  I think I need different lines for people because I never want to put down another instructor.  Suggestions?

After class my sister in law and I decided to go to Casa De Pico in La Mesa since it's so close to her house for a nice refreshing margarita. I had a regular house Margarita on the rocks with a little salt.  It looked really nice but looks did not go very far for me in this case.  It was a pretty bad margarita.  I can usually tell if a Margarita is not going to be so good when it's a bright neon yellow color, but the bar was so poorly lit that I didn't get to see the bright signs.
 I took a nice big first sip and immediately had to take a bit of a chip to take some of that sweet and sour taste out of my mouth.  Next time I go there I may let them know exactly how I like my margaritas made.  Is that bad?

Casa De Pico House Margarita.( 0 stars)


  1. Tell the bartender exactly how you like your margs, girl!

  2. The only down fall would be that then I wont get to experience different styles and won't find who makes the "REAL" good margaritas! hmmm... choices.

  3. ya.. i understand how you feel- trying new stuff is fun, but when it doesn't live up to expectation.. are you supposed to tell them? move on? maybe don't go there again? customize? who knows?! obviously, not me (:


    i bet you are an awesome instructor!!! i need to do yoga with you STAT!

  4. This is exactly how I feel everytime I order a manhattan.

  5. Today is National Margarita Day!!! (2/22) I'm sure you know that!!!! :)


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