Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National What?

Today is National Margarita day! 

I got a few messages from different people asking me if I was going to be having some margaritas tonight since it is a very important day.
I was debating over going to a bar down the road from our house that has pretty excellent margaritas or making one here at home.  Since I had a pretty busy day I went straight to Trader Joe's after work  to pick out a tequila for the beverage I may be making at home later.  I stood in front of the bottles for about 5minutes  wondering which one I should pick, and well if you are standing there, staring at bottles of tequila for that long at a place like Trader Joe's people may start thinking you have a drinking problem, so I decided not to get anything and instead go to a bar after I taught my 7:00pm Yoga class in National City.
By the time my class ended I was pretty beat from my long day at work and my pretty intense Yoga class so when I got home I really wasn't feeling it.  I told my Phil (my fiance) that I was going to go to the bar for a quick drink..  He looked at me funny and asked why.  I told him it was National Margarita Day and that I felt like I should to celebrate.  It was about 9:30p.m. when I was thinking abut going to the bar and by then it would be closed... Yes, this place I wanted to go to closes the bar at 9:00pm.
I was pretty determined to celebrate this VERY Special day so I took a trip to Vons with my good pal Cooper, the chocolate Lab.
 I picked up a few items that I needed for my recipe and well... here I am, about 10:00pm and just took my first sip.  This is dedication my friends, to something that you love.  ♥  haha!



  1. Happy belated National Margarita Day! I admire your determination! I feel the same way about National Doughnut Day.


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