Tuesday, March 13, 2012

O... sweet Gymnasio ♥

So I am not only a Yoga fan, I am also a gym fan.  I think I would fall into the "gym rat" category.  Don't get me wrong friend's I LOVE yoga, Love, Love, Love.  I actually first started going to the gym after having practiced yoga for about 2 years and decided I wanted to loose a little extra weight, build more muscle, and gain more endurance.  I haven't stopped since.  Wow... how time goes by.
ANYWAY, I started off with 24 hour fitness which I thought was a pretty cool gym, depending on what location you go to.  Some facilities can be... well.. not so inviting.  I am now a member at L.A. Fitness in Eastlake and well, if you haven't been there yet, it's actually a very nice gym with new machines, people that are really into working out, looking good etc.  I think I am a different kind of gym person though.  I don't enjoy making friends at the gym, running into people I know, or making eye contact with anyone.  I am totally not anti social I just like to go to the gym and enjoy my sweet time with the cardio and weight machines.  I don't want to share this limited time I have every time I go on chit chatting.  I figure If I want to talk to someone I can call, email, text, visit, or go out with them.  Am I totally weird?  Don't think i'm totally evil, I have run into people I know there a few times and if they initiate conversation I will talk and polite, but it's not a favorite thing of mine to do.
OK, the reason why I am writing about the gym is to see what kind of gym person you are.  Are you the kind of gym person that has to go with someone to keep you entertained?  Do you socialize while you are trying to get your heart beat up during your cardio?  Do you go into the ladies locker room often during your work out to check your hair and makeup?  Do you go to meet fellow gym go-ers and perhaps score a date? Or are you kind of a nut like me and like to be the sweatiest girl in the facility, don't care about how you look because you are there to kick booty not impress anyone (except your neighbor on the treadmill next to you that you are trying to out run) and even bring a change of clothes because you don't want to leave a trail of sweat where ever you go?
 The best is, getting in a nice long run (at least what I think is long) and finishing up my work out with a Yoga mini session...  ahh.....  so relaxing... such a nice treat for your kick butt work out at the gym... YOGA.



  1. I used to go to gym when I was living still on Helsinki. There was so many fabulous(and expencive!) gyms but it was at least worth of the money. Here in south France I've went to see few different ones,these all are quite bad. So I don't even do any sport except pilates once a week. I should find a way to enjoy sports and lose weight!:p

  2. First, I didn't realize that I wasn't following you yet -- I'm your newest follower now! :) I'm loving your blog soooo much. I actually have been wanting to try yoga for some time, but I was worried about getting enough cardio from it. Now that I read this post, I see the very best would be to do both! Oh, sounds really divine and I bet you feel amazzzing afterward. You have inspired me! I am EXACTLY like you at the gym. I hate hate chatting or seeing people I know. I want to be in my own zone and not socialize whatsoever. I go with no makeup on, and just focus on what I'm there for. You are a girl after my own heart! :)


  3. Sini, a good play list always helps! Something you want to sing to throughout your workout. Trust me!
    Rachel, THANKS for the follow! I love your blog as well! If you have a button I can grab it and put it on my page so other people can check it out. You have exquisite taste. :) I'm glad im not a total nut anymore! Someone with with me!!! It's really important to focus on the routine you have going you know? I'm so happy we have some common ground already!!! xoxo

  4. I think it is fair to say that at any given time, I am the most hard core person at the gym, male or female.

  5. Bikram yoga has given me new life I found your blog to be greatly interesting,This is very nice blog I am waiting for your next blog post, Yoga is usually taught as a way to achieve physical and mental fitness .

  6. I totally agree! It's what I use yoga for, well that and so many other things. It's kind of like a trickled down effect for me. Yoga is so wonderful. I have been really busy lately with some new things I have going on but I will be sure to blog about it all to let you guys know why I haven't been posting as much. Exciting stuff.. but still a secret. :)

  7. im the "i just sweated my ass off and burned so many calories and feel so good about myself" gym person... i HATE doing anything at the gym other than working my ass out. seriously. if im not sweating and ready to die by the time i leave, then i am PISSED (: hehe i figure, that's what i'm coming here for, what i'm paying for..

    i am NOT paying to socialize, that i can do on my own time.. (and at a less sweaty time... in a place with flattering lighting.. and alcoholic beverages..)

    but i still love yoga and pilates whenever i can get them- home, at the gym..

    i just like to sweat.
    not in a nasty, vile way..


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