Monday, March 5, 2012

Margaritas with Yoga?

You Win Margarita.

Yesterday I was thinking and started to feel a little guilty about being SO into Yoga the whole practice of it, what you are supposed to achieve through it, being pure at heart, soul and in your body.  
The reason why I started to feel guilty was because I enjoy Margaritas SO very much.  Is it bad to LOVE margaritas and yoga? I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion that NO! It is not bad to LOVE both.  The more love for different things the better! Besides the O mighty one just wants you to be at peace within.  Margaritas bring me a little peace and a little smile. 
 Also, I know quite a few Yoga teachers that not only are they spectacular instructors but they enjoy little "not so healthy" items and a few work at bars.
 There is also thing called "Vino and Vinyassa" that I have seen a few studios offer here and there.  Student's practice yoga for a good hour and after the class everyone sits around and enjoys a few glasses of wine.  So, I think it's safe to keep Loving both don't cha think?  
I think my students would be OK with it as long as I don't ever show up a little intoxicated to a class.  hahaha!

 Can anyone say "Yoga & Margaritas"?  What a night that would be at a studio!


  1. can i come to the wine and yoga class?

    and your margarita and yoga class?? i'd be a regular..
    (i like the "healthy" people who indulge in not so "healthy" items occasionally... or regularly)

  2. um I want to come to your yoga class!!!!

    p.s. I tagged you in my post today :)

  3. Ok, I promise that one day soon I will hold something of this sort for you Yoga and Margarita lovers! :) I knew I would have to buy a Margarita maker for something!! xoxo

  4. You had at me margaritas. Lurv. And yoga too!!

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