Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barefoot Sandals Giveaway!

 So I posted a picture of some super cute barefoot sandals on my facebook about a week ago or so and I know quite a few ladies loved them. 
 So, guess what?! 
Busy Lizzy is giving away a pair of her lovely design to a lucky winner. Here is the pair that she made for me!
They are super cute, super comfortable and a perfect accessory for the beach, YOGA or anytime you want to be barefoot (which I am like 90% of the time)
! Here are some Pictures of the Sandals she is so generously giving away to a lucky Gal!
I can imagine this purple on my tan feet this summer! haha!

Elizabeth makes all of her designs with love and care, she has tons of neat dance gear too!
 Check her site out when you get a chance i'm sure you will love something there. 
 Until then check out the different ways you can win a lovely pair of your very own Barefoot sandals below!

Photobucket a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ohh I love those! I had some when I was a tween and wore them all the time until they eventually fell apart. Lovely!

  2. ahhh when you showed these before i was IN LOVE.. i hope i win!

  3. They are lovely, but I really hate feet, especially showing off my own.
    New Follower!

  4. I like the Croched Necklaces.


  5. I love her Red Knit Scarf or Lightweight Shawl in fine cotton with ribbon detailing.

    1. Thanks so much Dana! I loved making it. It is still in my stock, despite lots of admirers on Etsy! Loved your feedback, thanks!

  6. Those are adorable. Found you through Tippee Canoe blog, and I had to follow because I just love your blog title. Yoga and Margaritas... you are a girl after my own heart. Happy to be your newest follower. Look forward to future reads here.

  7. Thank you to all who visited BusyLizzy online and commented on some of my other creations as well. I truly love doing what I do, and having some feedback is a great inspiration to me to continue! Thanks to Tannia for featuring the Barefoot Sandals, and Ashley, I hope you are enjoying your prize!


Thanks for the comment's! I love to hear from you guys♥