Thursday, July 19, 2012

Solution..... YOGA

Are you feeling super stressed out and don't know what to do?  Yoga
Are you trying to reach that special place spiritually? Yoga
Are your muscles super tight and you need a little stretch in your life? Yoga
Do you feel like you just need to Detox and get all the ickies out?  Yoga
Do you want to find a special, place that's just your own where you can let go of all thoughts? Yoga
Would you like to get a different kind of work out because you need to mix it up a bit? Yoga
Do you need a little boost in the.... well... in your personal time? Yoga
Are you feeling a little sad and need a little pick me up? Yoga
Do you need to loose a little extra weight? Yoga
Are you feeling pain in ANY part of your body? Yoga
Do you need help focusing on what's really going on in the present? Yoga
Are you trying to find peace within yourself? Yoga
Need a little more flexibility? Yoga
Are you trying to have a longer, better work out but your lungs just wont let you control your breath? Yoga!
Are you restless and can't get enough sleep at night? Yoga
Are you confused, and need to find a little clarity in your life? Yoga
Do you go a little crazy every month when that time comes around girls? Yoga
Have almost ANY kind of illness? Yoga
Do you need a little help being more disciplined? Yoga

 There are SO many more reason's you should practice Yoga.  It helps you in so many different ways it really is magical. I try to tell people all the time why, or how yoga is good for you but really, every one is different, every body is different and needs different things, but one thing is for sure Yoga will benifit anyone and everyone one way or another.  So... If you haven't already I really encourage you to give a class a shot and see for yourself the true wonders that this beautiful art form can bring you.